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At GFTI, we are dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the achievements of our rank holders. We strive to create an enriching learning environment where excellence is nurtured, and success is celebrated. Our focus on quality education, innovation, and continuous improvement empowers our students to achieve their fullest potential. We are proud of our rank holders who exemplify dedication and hard work, and we support our educators in delivering outstanding educational experiences. Together, we are committed to shaping a brighter future for our community through the remarkable accomplishments of our students.

Ms. Priyadarshini Rengarajan

Achieved Global Rank 10 and All India Rank 2 in AFM

Ms. Khyathi A Gada

Achieved Global Rank 6 and All India Rank 3 in AFM

Ms. Shruthi Ashok kumar

Achieved Global Rank 9 and All India Rank 1 in ATX

Ms. Suman Murthy

Achieved Global Rank 14 and All India Rank 1 in SBL

Ms. Garvita Mehta

Achieved Global Rank 13 and All India Rank 3 in APM

Ms. Remi Ann Mathew

Achieved Global Rank 9 and All India Rank 1 as an Affiliate

Mr. Thomas George

Achieved Global Rank 2 in SBL and All India Rank 2 in Affiliate, and Rank 1 in SBL

Ms. Sahana K Prasad

Achieved Global Rank 5 and All India Rank 1 in FM (F9)

Our Alumni

From GFTI to Global Impact: Alumni Leading in Excellence.

GFTI's consistent production of rank holders and successful alumni has cemented our reputation as one of India's best ACCA coaching centers. Our excellent faculty and dedicated admin staff have enabled us to achieve outstanding results across our Finance professional courses.

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