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CPA Australia was established in the year 1886. It is one of the largest accounting bodies in the world having over 163,750 members across 125 countries. Internationally recognized, the CPA Program ensures you will be well equipped to tackle any of the challenging accounting, finance or business situations faced in today’s global marketplace. Join today to reach the next level in leadership, strategy and business.

Why do the CPA Program with CPA Australia?

The CPA Australia CPA Program integrates education and experience, using internationally relevant material to help candidates understand the dynamic issues faced by organizations today. Compared to other accounting qualifications CPA Program has following advantages:

  • Internationally recognized qualification
  • Only 6 papers to be completed
  • Flexible program
  • Exam conducted twice a year
  • Get high level support for exam preparation
  • Access professional resources through online learning platforms

CPA Australia Training at GLOBALFTI

CPA Australia has chosen GFTI as the first and only approved tuition provider in India because of their vast experience and quality of training delivery offered. GFTI is an approved tuition provider for several international qualifications like ACCA (UK), CMA (USA), IFRS etc. The training methodology followed by GFTI has been fine tuned over the last 15 years, therefore enabling higher pass rates among students.

CPA Australia tuition provider Globalfti

Why an Indian CA Should Pursue CPA Australia Program?

Institute of Chartered Accountants in India (ICAI) and CPA Australia have an existing Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) due to which qualified CAs will get following benefits:

  • Only write 2 exams under the CPA Program
  • Can be completed within 2 years from registering as Associate Member
  • Additional international qualification recognized worldwide

Exemptions for Indian CA under MoU/MRA with ICAI

To attain the CPA designation, eligible ICAI members will need to successfully complete the CPA Program subject Global Strategy and Leadership & Online study unit Better Practice in Governance and Accountability within two years from join date.

CPA Program subject Global Strategy and Leadership. The subject is run semester-wise and you must enrol within the enrolment period via My CPA Program

Better Practice in Governance and Accountability is an online study unit that is completed by successfully passing an online multiple choice test after studying the material. Candidate can complete this at their own pace and location. The assessment consists of 40 multiple choice questions, with a 75 per cent pass mark. There are three attempts available. The assessment must be completed within twelve (12) months of purchase or the product will expire. After completion of the unit, the candidate will be granted with 12 CPD hours.

Qualified chartered accountants in India can learn more about the application process here:  ICAI Eligibility

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Eligibility for CPA Program (Non MRA/Non CA)

A degree level qualification from a recognized education provider is required.

Most candidates for the CPA Program have followed a traditional pathway of entry by completing an approved accounting or management degree. Candidates with diverse educational backgrounds are also eligible to apply for the CPA Program but such candidates may have to complete the Foundation Program before commencing the CPA Program. Subjects to be completed in Foundation Program is based on outcome of the candidate’s application assessment by CPA Australia.


CPA Program Details

The CPA program runs semester-wise. There are two semester per year (maximum of 3 CPA subjects per semester). On enrollment into the subject, the candidate will receive the study material and online support.

Class room training for the CPA Program is delivered through online mode or face- to- face mode at Globalfti Bangalore.

The program comprises of 4 compulsory subjects and 2 electives and submission of 36 months of experience requirement.

Compulsory Subjects:

Elective Subjects [Any two]:

Candidates who have not completed recognized studies in taxation and/or auditing, must select Advanced Taxation* and/or Advanced Audit and Assurance* papers as electives.

CPA Australia Fees [2024]

These are the fees that you need to pay directly to CPA Australia. This does not include Tuition fees.

This is divided into membership, enrolment and exam fees.


New MembershipsFees in AUD
Application fee$192
Application Review fee$96
First year membership: Associate (full year)$341
First year membership: CPA or FCPA (full year)$760

CPA AUSTRALIA Enrollment FEES [2024]

CPA ProgramPer Paper Fees in AUD
Subject enrolment (early bird)$1335
Subject enrolment$1505
Standard exam deferral$381
*Late exam deferral (2024)$514
Subject material re-order$106

Note: Subject enrolment fee includes examination fee & cost of study materials for the particular subject

Foundation ExamsPer Paper Fees in AUD
Exam enrolment$365
Extension fee (per month to a maximum of six months)$79
Change exam appointment between 24 to 72 hours before scheduled exam appointment$40

For up to date information on fee, please refer to  Fees – All Other Locations.

CPA Australia Online Classes in India

Globalfti provides LIVE online training for CPA Australia program in India. Our online classes are attended by candidates from India, Middle East, Australia and other Asian countries. The key features of our online classes are as mentioned:

LIVE interactive online classes

Classes conducted by CPA qualified faculty

Weekend or Weekday batches

40+ Hours of intensive training

Revision sessions

Exam oriented training

Recordings of all classes available for reference

CPA Australia Registration Process

1st Step : Contact Globalfti for Discount Code by filling form. Click here for Registration

2nd Step: Visit CPA Australia website and begin your application process. Click Here

3rd Step: Create your account with CPA Australia and share Customer ID with Globalfti to get Assessment Fee Waiver Promo Code

4th Step: Complete your assessment by following instructions given and apply Promo Code at payment screen

5th Step: After submitting your assessment you will receive your application outcome within 10 – 15 working days

6th Step: Based on outcome you will start with Foundation Program or directly enter the CPA Program.

7th Step: Complete your subject enrolment for 2020 Semester 2

8th Step: Register with Globalfti for Tuitions for subjects you have enrolled. We have both Online and Face to Face training options


Answering some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to CPA Australia.

CPA Australia full form is Certified Practising Accountant where as CPA USA full form is Certified Public Accountant.

One most hold a degree which is equivalent to Australian bachelor’s degree or post graduate degree with minimum of eight subjects.

Yes, you can register for CPA Australia in India and also write exams from India. For exam coaching Globalfti is the only approved tuition provider in India. They offer LIVE online training for all CPA Australia papers, including Foundation Level papers. 

Annual average salaries for CPA Australia qualified candidates range between AU$53,000 to AU$150,000 based on experience and role offered.

Important Links

Qualified chartered accountants in India can learn more about the application process here:  ICAI Eligibility

Admissions are now Open for 2024 intake.

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