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About Christ Mysuru College

Christ Mysuru College is part of a century-old tradition of Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI), the first indigenous religious congregation of India rendering service to humanity. The College stands as a landmark in the abode of learning. It imparts quality education in full sincerity and commitment, in order to optimise the learners’ overall development and help realise their full potential.

​The institution focuses on nurturing compassionate, confident youth who will uphold moral and spiritual values and eventually take their place as productive, responsible members of society enthused with competence.

​The serene atmosphere, facilities, imposing granite building, infrastructure, lush greenery, sports areas, psychology lab, computer labs, well-equipped library and above all, well qualified, experienced and committed faculty make the college a true heaven of holistic education. It is indeed a college with a difference.

​Having a great legacy in the field of education carried out by CMI congregation, Christ College strives to impart quality education without any discrimination of religion, caste, creed and gender. It truly inspires the students to become men and women of integrity. The committed faculty ensures that students are trained with the latest developments in the fields.



Program Overview

B.Com with training for Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. Christ College has the certified ACCA Program in association with Globalfti Pvt. Ltd. Bengaluru to offer in campus training to the candidates on various subjects of ACCA. This program helps the student pursue a professional certification along with the B.Com graduation. Students who select this program get exemption of first four papers of ACCA after the completion of B.Com final year. Since the ACCA curriculum is already integrated in the B.Com syllabus, the students can finish ACCA Professional qualification with a minimum additional training. The student has to write 9 external papers for the ACCA qualification out of 13 papers. The candidates who opt the course will be guided through detailed orientation and counseling along with their parents.



Flexible Choice-Based Credit System with Continuous Assessment Grading Pattern (CBCS-CAGP).
The ACCA has approved the University of Mysore syllabus for B.Com and grants an exemption of 5 core papers from the ACCA program to the students who complete B.Com and proceed with ACCA certification. Apart from the regular B.Com curriculum, candidates will be trained in an additional ACCA subject each semester with assessment.
The college follows the prescribed syllabus of the University of Mysore which gets updated from time to time. In an effort to move towards the complete version of the CBCS-CAGP scheme as emphasized by the UGC and to provide greater autonomy, the University has permitted all the departments to run the programs under Flexible CBCS-CAGP from 2017-18.


Christ College has now partnered with Globalfti to introduce the ACCA qualification in Mysore. Students can now go for ACCA qualification along with their B.Com and get upto 4 ACCA Papers Exemptions. Students from other streams who wish to enter the financial domain can also join for the ACCA program. Learn more about Christ College at their website.

For Admissions contact Globalfti at 9880 224433 or email us at

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